Day 21- RedM – Crimson Creek Project

Yesterday: Update the herb script to run off the database, and now it focuses on collecting seeds. Rewrote most of it.

Today: Rewriting prp_farming to be better. I have it reading and writing to the database for seeds, and for plants. Also connecting spawnable objects for inventory to use later. Limiting the plant usage so we can have the maxium number of plants for farming possible.

Last week stared working on our own crafting skill tree system. The menu is working, and the database connection, read and write is working. Skill tree database is working. Just need to work on the recipe database, and add a seperate crafting inventory. Should be working by the end of the week.

Partners in the project have been busy working too. T has made a huge recipe list. M has customized the cities to match the new story line and helped with coding projects. K has written a new knockout script, a spawn in script that fixes the ymap/ipl issues, and rewriting hunting and butcher to match the new story line. Together they have been experimenting with zombies.

Lots of great progress being made. More updates to come.

Crimson Creek RedM Server: — Invite Only — Whitelisted.
Deadwood RedM Server: — gone —
Sun Down RedM Server:
SYN RedM Server:

Where do you guys hang out on discord?