How do I boost my favorite redm server?

Step 1.

Create a CFX account. The link to the forums is here:

Step 2

Create a zap hosting account. Go here ( ) click on the green “Sign Up”

Step 3

Go to boost purchase page, and link your CFX account to your Zap account. ( )

Step 4

Pick the number of boosts you want.

Step 5

Select your payment method, and follow instructions on screen.

Step 6

Check for confirmation email that boost was purchased. successfully.

Step 7

Open the game client (REDM).

Step 8

In the client click settings in the upper right hand corner, and login with your CFX login (the same one you linked to ZAP.)

Step 9

Click Play to bring up the server list.

Step 10

Find “__your county__” in the list (near the top). All the way to the right of that listing it will say BOOST in red. Click Boost.

Note please check with the server owner or admins before boosting any server. They may have a patreon or some other donation system. The boosting puts money in zap hostings pocket, not the server owner. If you appreciate the admins and the server you are playing on, ask them how you can help before boosting! 🙂