Udemy: Android Game Programming & Development for Beginners

Now, this class I attempted before over the summer (Jun 2018). My poor laptop did not have space nor the processing minimums to run the emulators. I was able to write the Java code and compile it, but I could not test any of the code to verify everything was correct. I have a newer desktop now, and the emulator is working. I’m resetting my progress on the class and retaking it from the beginning. I’ll document it here. Also, the teacher is excellent. Despite the frustration with my laptop and the emulators, the class was enjoyable, well taught. This will be more about me getting working samples running in the emulator. Enjoy!

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Update: 1/2/2019 1:05 am
Section 1
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Setup Android Studio (I already did this.)
Lesson 3: Create a project and comments.
Lesson 4: Variables
Lesson 5: Android Emulator and using the variables.

Update: 1/2/2019 7:00 pm
Lesson 6: Decision Trees and Conditionals
Lesson 7: Branching
Lesson 8: Looping

Update: 1/3/2019 2:00 am
Lesson 8: Looping
Lesson 9: Methods and Structure
Lesson 10: Object Orientated Programing

Update: 1/3/2019 3:00 am
Section 2 — Breakout Arcade Game
Lesson 11: Overview of the game
Lesson 12: create a new project
Lesson 13: Android activity class
Lesson 14: new class BreakOutEngine
Lesson 15: BreakOutActivity Class
Lesson 16: Run the Emulator (Success!)

Update: 1/3/2019 10:00 pm
Section 2 — Breakout Arcade Game
Lesson 17: Threading
Lesson 18: Interfaces and API’s
Lesson 19: Class variables and threading
Lesson 20: Main game loop and helpers
Lesson 21: Run and Test code

Update: 1/4/2019 9:00 pm
Section 2 — Breakout Arcade Game
Lesson 22: Bat class
Lesson 23: The Ball
Lesson 24: Run and Test code
Lesson 25: onTouchListener
Lesson 26: Run and Retest the Bat
Lesson 27: Code & explain the Ball class
Lesson 28: Declare, initialize, update and draw the ball.

Update: 1/5/2019 6:00 pm
Section 2 — Breakout Arcade Game

Lesson 29: Run the game to see the ball
Lesson 30: Code & explain the Brick class
Lesson 31: Learn about arrays for handling lots of objects
Lesson 32: Declare, initialize & draw an array of bricks
Lesson 33: Run the game to see the bricks
Lesson 34: Add the sound effect files to the project
Lesson 35: Code the player HUD and load the sound effects

Update: 1/6/2019 1:00 am
Section 2 — Breakout Arcade Game
Lesson 36: Run the game to see the HUD
Lesson 37: Code collision handling for the ball & bricks
Lesson 38: Code collision handling for the ball & bat
Lesson 39: Code the collision handling for the ball & screen edges

Watch Crafted By Little Dragons from EricaAndKeith on www.twitch.tv

Video of the game playing, to show some of the bugs it’s experiencing. Twitch only retains the videos for a couple months, this like will eventually disappear. (made on 1/27/2019)

Update 1/27/2019: Finished the instruction portion and initial testing of BreakOut. I change the colors, and I have some errors. I have to read up on the emulator and android screen touch. My emulator is a different version than the tutorial.
Bug: When the ball misses the paddle it’s bouncing off the bottom of the screen, it does count the dead, but that’s it. Should reset the paddle and ball.
Bug: The paddle gets lost off screen.
Bug: If you click anywhere in the middle of the screen it’s assuming it’s a left input.
Bug: the mouse with the emulator is not at all accurate.
Bug: There were three blocks left when the screen reset all the blocks.
Bug: No way to end the game and restart, only exit the whole app.
Bug: The sound is not working in my emulator, need to research that as well.
Bug: My emulator is a different version than the tutorial.

Bug: No visual indicator that a life was lost. RESOLVED – Bricks now change colors with each life lost.
Bug: I have negative numbers for life. RESOLVED – Resets ball, paddle, and lives.

Update 1/27/2019

I have updated a few of the issues. The bricks now change colors as lives are lost. Lives now reset correctly on restart.

Building a Space Invaders Arcade Game Clone
40. Overview of the Space Invaders project 04:43
41. Code the project outline and prepare the resources 06:06
42. Code the game engine ready for the game objects 13:51
43. Code the PlayerShip class and run the game 13:10
44. Code the Bullet class 12:33
45. Code the player controls & run the game to shoot some bullets 06:27
46. Code the Invader class part 1 14:51
47. Code the Invader class part 2 & run the game 12:25
48. Code the bomb shelters & run the game 12:58
49. Collision detection & finishing the game

Watch Crafted By Little Dragons from EricaAndKeith on www.twitch.tv

The game runs, It also has some small issues. The ship doesn’t fire fast enough to play the game. Basically limiting the player to one bullet on the screen at a time, and the speed of the bullet makes the game boring. The controls are weird when using an emulator. Alien bombs that hit the spaceship don’t always trigger impact. But we do have a second running old school game, and that is awesome. Note: It may make more sense to shrink the playable area, and have the touch points on the screen be a different color, so it’s more obvious where players should touch the screen.