How do I use your ForagePlants script? (REDM/LUA)

Frequently ASKED Questions by THE Crimson Creek TEAM

I bought your ForagePlants script and I’d like to know how to use it.

How do I use this?

Step 1: The name field is the name of the plant that spawns on the map, it’s a native item always there.

You can pick and choose which plants you want. To figure out which plants you are interested in, either go to different areas of the map, turn on Spooner and look at those plants, and add them here. Or you can turn on Spooner, use the spawn menu, and search for “bush” or other plant names. Then spawn the plants around you so you can see what they look like and decide which ones you want to use.

— this field needs to be unique, do not reuse the plants (name field).

Step 2: The forage field is the name of the plant, fruit, or seeds in your items database. If you have an item already just put its “item” field from the database in the forage field.

— This script is set up is for VORP. Contact me if you want it for other cores.

Step 3: The label field is what is printed in the player feedback messages. “Oh I found …” This should match the label field in your items database “label”, but it’s not required. It is less confusing for players if it’s consistent.

Step 4: The seeds field, is not used at this time, but will be in a future version. List the seeds (item field from the database) here. The plan is to finish our farming script and have a config flag, so you can give the player an extra item (seeds) so that the player can use them in the farm.


How do I know which plants go with which items in my database?

There are no mandatory settings. You make it up as you go. If you’re looking for realism, google some of the plants and then look at the Spooner plants to see which ones will work. Some of the fruits, veggies, and herbs, do not have realistic plants in the game. You’ll have to make the best choice possible. One example is Apples. There’s no apple tree in the game but one of the magnolia trees is a good shape and color. It resembles an apple tree.

How do I?

Contact us on discord or our website if you have more questions.

Cautionary Items

Do not use plants in the Forage script that you are already using in a farming script unless you’re ok with your players using the ForagePlants script to harvest from their farm crops multiple times.  For example, if you have crp_berry_aa_sim listed for blueberries in your farming script, and you have crp_berry_aa_sim listed for blueberries in the forage script. A player could plant blueberries in their farm and use the forage script to harvest the endlessly from the farm. If you’re ok with that behavior but want to slow the players down, then increase the cooldown time(config.lua Config.objectCoolDown) on the plants in the forage script.