Native REDM GetHashKeyNative REDM GetHashKey
-- GetHashKey LUA 0x98EFF6F1 GET_HASH_KEY
local retval --[[ Hash ]] =
		model --[[ string ]]

This native converts the passed string to a hash.

Citizen.Invoke value:




Any string.


This native converts the passed string to a hash.


This function takes any in game model name for example “A_C_Cow” and returns the hash code, in this example it returns the number -50684386, that number is what the game functions use.


--- Valentine auctions
ExtraSpawns = {  
[1] = {model="A_C_Cow"}
model_hash = GetHashKey(ExtraSpawns.model) 

Additional natives used in this example, or natives commonly used with this native.

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