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Add the following lines to the config.lua, change as needed.

Config.trigger_blip = true
Config.blip_sprite = 1865251988
Config.blip_title = "My Blip"
Config.blip_coords = {x=0.00, y=0.00, z=0.00}
--- https://github.com/femga/rdr3_discoveries/tree/master/useful_info_from_rpfs/textures/blips_mp
--- https://github.com/femga/rdr3_discoveries/tree/master/useful_info_from_rpfs/textures/blips

This section is the variables that define what the blip looks like and the text displayed for the blip on the map. Change x,y,z to be the coords you want the blip created at.

client.lua or blips.lua

Add the following lines to either the bottom of the client.lua file, or create a new file called blips.lua

local LocationBlips = {} 
function AddBlip(X, Y, Z)
	if Config.trigger_blip == true then -- config var to control the if blips are made
		local blip = Citizen.InvokeNative(0x554D9D53F696D002, 1664425300, X, Y, Z)
		table.insert(LocationBlips, blip) -- for clean up
		SetBlipSprite(blip, Config.blip_sprite, true) 
		BlipTitle = CreateVarString(10, "LITERAL_STRING", Config.blip_title)
		Citizen.InvokeNative(0x9CB1A1623062F402, blip, BlipTitle) -- SetBlipNameFromPlayerString( blip, BlipTitle ) 

This code adds the blip to the map.

function DeleteBlip()	
	if Config.trigger_blip == true then 
		for key, blip in pairs(LocationBlips) do
			table.remove(LocationBlips, key)

This code deletes the the blip.

Then in the start up section of your script you add the function call to create the blip.

AddBlip(Config.blip_coords.x, Config.blip_coords.y, Config.blip_coords.z)

Then in the clean up section, when the scripts stops or starts add the delete blip function.


If you create any files make sure to add them to the fxmanifest.lua file under client or server scripts.

These instructions apply to any core.

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