How do I change the npc ticket seller’s location at a station?

Fast Travel by TrainFast Travel by Train

Train Themed Fast Travel – FAQ – by Dragon Codes


  • Open the config.lua file.
  • Roughly line 17 to line 46 is the “Config.locations” array.
  • The field is “npc” and the default looks like this “npc= {x= 2895.64, y= 633.84, z= 57.53}”.
  • Change to the coords you would like to use. Change the numbers for x, y, and z.
  • Note: You will need to have at least two decimal places.
  • If you have vorp_admin, coords, or spooner installed you can use them to get the coordinates you need.

About the Script

Dragon Codes creates scripts to enhance role-play and world interaction. This script allows the player to travel the map faster. Purchase a ticket at any train station and travel to your destination.

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