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Dragon Codes creates scripts to enhance role-play and world interaction.

Server Rules and Lore – FAQ – by Dragon Codes

Server Rules and Lore Is an interactive NUI that allows server owners to push the server’s story and rules to the player when they first long.  Allows server owners to reset either rules or stories or both, then push updates to the players when they next sign in. Players confirm they have read the rules and lore and their information is updated in the database. No more excuses about not knowing new rules, or not knowing the types of role play expected on the server.

— Note —
Tebex/CFX encrypts the files by default. The full open source versions are in discord, or github.


🐉 Enter Animation
🐉 Exist Animation
🐉 Reading Animation
🐉 3 Page NUI
🐉 Custom Lore Pages
🐉 Custom Rules Pages
🐉 Automated Installer
🐉 Automated Reset Rules (to push new rules)
🐉 Automated Reset Lore (to push new chapters or updates)
🐉 Open Source Code Available in Discord

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  • Scripts can be purchased at ``
  • For assistance, please create a support ticket on our discord server.
  • Please use the email address you purchased the script with to create the support ticket and account.
  • [DISCORD](``)
  • [DISCORD RULES] – Be polite, professional, and patient in your communications with staff, dev, and the general community.

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