Stash Resource – Crates, Barrels, Desks, Dressers, Cupboards, Footlockers

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Dragon Codes creates scripts to enhance role-play and world interaction.

Stash Resources – FAQ – by Dragon Codes

Add the ability to search in game objects.

You only need one script. We offer all the in game object lists in discord. You can add crates and barrels into the same script.
— Note —
Tebex/CFX encrypts the files by default. The full open source versions are in discord, or github.


🐉 Stash script for different in game objects. 
🐉 Config array for rewards. 
🐉 Config array for crates. 
🐉 Updated the draw text function to remove depreciated functions. 
🐉 Updated VorpCore notification options to match the new core updates. 
🐉 Cool down on in game objects to slow collecting, cool down is configurable. 
🐉 Configure distance to prompt, and distance to activate a search. 
🐉 Configure the key for the prompt. 
🐉 Configure prompt text.
🐉 Predefined objects (Crates, Barrels, Desks, Dressers, Cupboards, Footlockers)

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  • For assistance, please create a support ticket on our discord server.
  • Please use the email address you purchased the script with to create the support ticket and account.
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  • [DISCORD RULES] – Be polite, professional, and patient in your communications with staff, dev, and the general community.

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